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F1-12. Deed of land transfer of the nobles of Mazovia

Soldau, 1395 10 06
The nobles of Mazovia sell their village of Guciov in Plock land to Stanislaus from Grad, inheritor of Szrensk.
One wax seal in a protective bowl of natural wax, attached with a parchment strip. Diameter 27 mm.
Latin; 1 f.; 18,8x34,4+3,5 cm; Text: 13x28 cm; 21 rows. The parchment is in good condition, with several small holes along the folds. Underwent repairs in 2002.  The first letter of the invocatio is decorated, taking up 8 lines. 
White label with the old signature of Vilnius Public Library is on the reverse of the parchment.
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References: ORO, t.3, p.2, nr.12; Jasas, p.24, nr.15.  

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