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F1-17. Privilege of self-government granted to Vilnius by Grand Duke Casimir Jagiellonian of Lithuania

Beršty, 1441 04 07
Grand Duke Casimir Jagiellonian of Lithuania grants (confirms) self-government under the Magdeburg rights to the town of Vilnius, releases Vilnius inhabitants from jurisdiction of the courts of land law (Court Palatines etc.) and assigns them to the jurisdiction of the town administrator "vaitas”; allows the town to have its own weigh-house for wax, butcher’s house, to hold two annual fairs, to trade in beer, mead and wine; as well as allows the town dwellers to trade anywhere in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, in return to one item of each of the goods to be sold; allocates a plot of land between the Neris river, Velniakalnis (Mount Tauras) and Lukiškės.
The record on the reverse of the plica on the right runs as follows: Ad relacionem Magnificos Dawgerd Wylnensis et Gastold Trocensis Palatinorum. 
The seal is missing. It was attached with a string of cherry thread. Two triangular holes for the string are made in the parchment.
Latin; 1 f.; 27x60,5+9 cm; Text: 16,7x45,5 cm; 28 rows. The parchment darkened, spotty, decayed in several places.  The initial of the invocatio is decorated, covering the whole text. 
The label of Vilnius Public Library is on the reverse of the parchment.
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References: ZPP, p.7-9; SDV, t.1, p.7-10, nr.7; ORO, t.3, p.2, nr.17; Jasas, p.34-35, nr.50;  

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