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F1-28. Privilege by Grand Duke Alexander of Lithuania to the Bernardines

Grodna, 1494 02 15
Grand Duke Alexander of Lithuania donates a plot of land in Grodna, in the once-existed estate of the grand dukes, to the Order of St. Bernard for the construction of the church and monastery.
D[omi]nus magnus dux per Se 
Red wax impressed seal has crumbled off leaving a mark. The parchment has 6 triangular holes in the place of the seal. Diameter 39 mm.
Latin; 1 f.; 15,1x27+2,6 cm; Text: 5,5x19,3 cm; 9 rows. Ink faded; the parchment decayed along the folds.  Initial covers 7 lines (with a label affixed below). There is a record of March 22, 1806. 
There is a label of the Vilnius Public Library.
References: SGA, p.2526, nr.22; ORO, t.3, p.3, nr.28; KDKDW, t.1, p.472473, nr.409; Jasas, p.5253, nr.107.  

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