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F1-504. Privilege of Grand Duke Alexander of Lithuania to the church of Darsūniškis

Trakai, 1492
Grand Duke Alexander of Lithuania grants a tithe to the church of Darsūniškis and allows to keep an inn exempt from taxes in Darsūniškis.
R[e]l[ati]o Magnifici Nicolai Roduilouicz Palatini Vilnen[sis] et Magniducatus lithuanie Cancell[a]rij 
The attached seal is missing (torn off).
Latin; 1 f.; 25,5x31,2+8,5 cm; Text: 16,5x21,5 cm; 27 rows. The parchment is torn and glued with paper; ink faded.  Invocatio is written in enlarged letters. Initial is decorated, taking up 13 lines. There is a synchro postscript. 
The label of Vilnius Public Library is on the reverse of the parchment.
Related documents: F1-502.
References: ORO, t.5, p.1, nr.504; Jasas, p.57–58, nr.122.  

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