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F1-505. Privilege by Grand Duke Alexander of Lithuania to the church of Luokė

Trakai, 1493 08 14
Grand Duke Alexander of Lithuania renews the reward to the Church of Luokė by Stanislovas Jonaitis Kęsgaila (Stanislaus Janovicz), Elder of Žemaitija; and donates the village of Luokė, the lands of Paškuvėnai and Piečelėnai (Pyethelyeny) with peasants, the estates of Papilė and Tauragėnai as well as 5 bulls from the estates of Dirvonėnai, Viešvėnai and Biržuvėnai (Byrszyanyany) annually and allows to keep 5 inns exempt from taxes in Luokė.
R[e]l[ati]o magnifici Nicolai Roduilavicz Palatini viln[ensis] et magniducatus Lithva[niae] Cancellar[i]j  Joannes Radiwil manu p[ro]pria vidit concordari  cu[m] orig[i]nalis 
The seal is missing.
Latin; 1 f.; 23,1x21,4+0 cm; Text: 15,3x17,7 cm; 33 rows. The parchment decayed along the folds, with two big and many small holes.  Initial is decorated, taking up 17 lines. Invocatio is written in enlarged and decorated letters. There are two synchro postscripts. 
The label of the Manuscript Department of Vilnius Public Library and the sooty seal of Telšiai district court are on the reverse of the parchment.
References: ORO, t.5, p.1, nr.505, p.3–4, nr.2; Jasas, p.52, nr.106.  

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