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F6-12. Confirmation letter by Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania to the Chapel of Vilnius Cathedral

Varnionys (Warniany), 1423 08 27
The diploma by Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania confirming the contribution of Albertas Manvydas (Albertus Moniwid), Count Palatine (“vaivada”) of Vilnius, to the Chapel of Vilnius Cathedral, established by himself, i.e. the tribute of honey from the peasants, living by the Berezina river and in Skvovideviči, as well as the tithe from Novae Sialo by the Ađmena river, and from Mirkliđkiai and Deksnioniai for the sustenance of the priest of that Chapel.
The attached seal is missing, except for the string of cherry thread used for the attachment of the seal.
Latin; 1 f.; 17,9x25+2,9 cm; Text: 13,3x18 cm; 27 rows. The parchment darkened, is spotty, and has a few holes. Three holes are glued with paper. Ink faded in places. Underwent restoration in 1990.  The first letter of invocatio is decorated, taking up 12 lines. 
On the reverse of the parchment there is a mark of the once-existed label.
References: Jablonskis, p.405; KDKDW, t.1, p.115, 744-745, nr. 86; Jasas, p.28–29, nr. 30; Vitoldiana, p.42-43, nr.35.  

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