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F6-22. Diploma of the Conclave in Basel

Basel, 1439 08 21
The diploma of the Conclave in Basel granting the right of the remission of sins of Bishop Motiejus (Mathie) of Vilnius to the confessor chosen by the Bishop.
A. de Pamgaliis;  R. Malherbe;  pro rescribendario xxx C. Kuenlin; 
The attached seal is missing except for the holes made for the attachment of the seal.
Latin; 1 f.; 27x53,7+8,9 cm; Text: 12x40 cm; 15 rows. The parchment is in good condition, with two big and a few smaller spots.  The first word of the intitulatio is written in capital letters that are decorated. Some letters in the first line are enlarged. There are signs on the right margin, similar to the longer f and ?. On the left margin it is written “Sep[tember]”. 
The label and the seal of the Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences are on the reverse of the parchment.
References: KDKDW, t.1, p.172–173, nr.154; Jasas, p.33, nr.44.  

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