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F6-34. Indulgence of Pope Nicholas V

Rome, 1451 [07 12]
Pope Nicholas V grants the general remission of sins to all the faithful of the Kingdom of Poland and of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, who in three days visit one of the four cathedrals Gniezno, Lvov, Krakow or Vilnius and give a quarter of the money required for the jubilee trip to Rome; and establishes how the collected money should be allocated.
There is a clerical record on the plica on the right: de cu[ria] A. de Racaneto.  The record under the plica on the right runs as follows: Pe de Noxeto. 
The seal is missing. It was attached with a string of cherry and green thread. Two cuts for the string are made in the parchment.
Latin; 1 f.; 32x48,7+7 cm; Text: 21x35 cm; 25 rows. The parchment is spotty, with holes. Part of the text is ineligible. Underwent repairs.  The first line of the text is written in enlarged decorated letters. 
On the plica on the left is the label of the Library of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences; on the reverse is the seal of the Library.
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