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F6-42. Donation by Lukas, inhabitant of Vilnius, to the Franciscan Monastery in Vilnius

Vilnius, 1468 03 29
Lukas, inhabitant of Vilnius and former assessor of Vilnius, with his wife Elena and daughter Kotryna donate their land near Vilnius (Lukėnai in 16 c. and Ribiškės from 17 c.) to the Franciscan Monastery in Vilnius.
On the left margin is the summary of the document in Latin (17 c.). 
The seal is missing, except for the horizontal cut made for the parchment strip.
Latin; 1 f.; 21,8x27,5+3 cm; Text: 17,5x22 cm; 31 rows. The parchment is spotty, with holes.  The invocatio is written in enlarged letters. The initials I and A are decorated. 
The label and the seal of the Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences are on the reverse of the parchment.
References: KDKDW, t.1, p.286-288, nr.248; Jasas, p.41, nr.71; Rowell, p.108.  

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