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F6-51. Donation by Bagdonas Sakavičius, inheritor of Gruzdava, to the Church of Gruzdava

Gruzdava, 1475 10 15
Bagdonas Sakavičius (Bohdan Andruszkowicz Sakowicza), inheritor of Gruzdava, renews the donation for the sustenance of the Church of Gruzdava and its rector. Writing characteristics, inaccuracies of the contents and other features show that it is a falsification of 16 – 17 c.
Under the plica on the right is the signature: Laurencius Vssynski scriba Curi[a]e su[a]e Magnificenci[a]e et notarius publicus sst. 
Armorial green wax seal of Bagdonas Sakavičius (?) in a protective wax bowl (torn off). It was attached with a string of green thread. Five round cuts for the string are made in the parchment. The face of the seal depicts a renaissance shield with the head of the ox pierced with a sword (Pomian coat of arms). These figures indicate that the seal was attached to the document not earlier than 16 c. (most probably in the middle of the century). Diameter 15 mm.
Latin; 1 f.; 27,7x50+4,3 cm; Text: 21,5x47,5 cm; 32 rows. The parchment is spotty.  Invocatio is written in enlarged letters. Initial is decorated and takes up 7 lines. 
The label and the seal of the Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences are on the reverse of the parchment.
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References: KDKDW, t.1, p.341-345, nr.293; Jasas, p.45, nr.83.  

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