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F6-55. Indulgence of Archbishop Stephanus of Riga

Vilnius, 1483 06 30
Archbishop Stephanus of Riga, grants, under certain conditions, 100 days of the remission of temporal punishment in purgatory to the faithful who visit the Franciscan Church in Vilnius.
Ad mandatum R[everendissi]mi d[o]m[ini] Archie[pisco]pi et legati v[ene]r[abili]s Thomae M... Secretarius man[u] p[ro]pria s[ub]s[cripsit] 
Red wax seal of Archbishop Stephanus of Riga, broken in two, in an open wooden box, attached with a string of dark cherry thread. Diameter 40 mm.
Latin; 1 f.; 43,5x27+7,8 cm; Text: 16x33,5 cm; 27 rows. The parchment is in good condition, a little spotty.  Initial is decorated. The first word of intitulatio is written in enlarged letters. There is a synchro postscript. 
The label and the seal of the Library of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences are on the reverse of the parchment.
References: KDKDW, t.1, p.383385, nr.327; Jasas, p.48, nr.92.  

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