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F6-6. Privilege of Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania to the Vilnius Cathedral Chapter

Trakai, 1399 01 03
Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania donates the land of Biarezina near Stređin, previously given to the priest Jurij Toločka from Rogačev, to the canons of the Vilnius Cathedral Chapter.
The seal is missing, except for the parchment strip with a bag of green cloth for the seal, which was sewed on later (in 17-18th c.).
Ruthenian; 1 f.; 13,5x22,8+4 cm; Text: 6,8x16,5 cm; 12 rows. The parchment is in good condition, with some rusty holes. Underwent restoration in 1985.  The first letter of the intitulatio is enlarged and decorated. 
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