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F6-9. Transumption of the Bull of Pope John XXIII

Krokow, 1410 10 14
Sventoslav from Myslibor (Swanthoslaus de Misliborii), the notary public in Krakow, transumpts, on the request of gwardianus conventus Jacob of the Franciscan monastery in Krakow, the bull of Pope John XXIII of July 5, 1410 given to the Franciscans of Lithuania confirming the privileges which were given to the Franciscan Order by Popes Clement us IV (June 29, 1265; July 21, 1265) and Benedict XI (April 2, 1304).
Latin; 1 f.; 69,5x68,5+0 cm; Text: 55,5x60,5 cm; 106 rows. The parchment darkened, is spotty and has a few holes. There are two holes along the right vertical fold.  The first letter of the invocatio is decorated, taking up the whole text. At the end of the text on the left there is a notarial sign with the letter S. Beneath the text there is a sinchronic comment by the notary public with the first letter of the intitulatio enlarged and decorated. 
The label and the seal of the Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences are on the reverse of the parchment.
References: KDKDW, t.1, p.8082, nr.53; Jasas, p.27, nr.26.  

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